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Lansing State Journal

"As of Thursday night the new album had been streamed more than 3,400 times on Spotify after less than a month and the band had 216 listeners on the streaming service, Millhouse said."

East Lansing Info

"The high school years are typically full of memory-making sights, sounds and scents: football games, pep rallies, cafeteria smells, homecoming dances, etc. For four East Lansing High School students, it’s full of songs. And a brand new record."

"Millhouse began playing music on a fake plastic acoustic guitar and started writing music when he was in second grade. Now, the sixteen year old’s life revolves around music"

"The phrase ‘get a new pair of eyes,’ is repeatedly used throughout the album, which is named after the personification of society’s misleading, tunnel-vision outlook on life. “If there was an antagonist to the album and what it represents, that character is Mr. Conman,” Millhouse said."

Local Spins

"This East Lansing band finds a perfect balance between indie-pop and indie- rock."


Booth or Table

(Ethan Charmella)

Apple: id1548177400

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