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Cross Eyed Strangers are an alternative-rock band based in East Lansing, Michigan. Combining the topical, thoughtful lyrics of singer-songwriter Wes Millhouse with sonically experimental rock arrangements the result is a layered sound with melodic folk roots. The band formed in 2019 and recently released two lead singles to their next album, 'Darker', and 'Shimmering Light'. They have played festivals, including Pumpstock and the East Lansing Summer Concert Series, as well as Mac's Bar and other gigs both as headliners and support. For live performances, they draw from their EP and upcoming album, as well as solo material from Wes Millhouse's catalog (available on all streaming services). 

// Origin: East Lansing

// Genres: Alternative, Indie Rock 

// Years Active: 2019-Present

// Website:

// Contact:



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